Sometimes the dream is so big, there is no point in holding back. You just have to commit to the chase. Get ahead of the pack. The sight of the light turning green. And floor it.

This is my true calling. In the evening twilight, when the dust has finally settled and the roars of the racing engines have faded away, I walk the track knowing that one day I will be the World Rally Champion.

People know me as the kid with the big dream. You can’t miss me. I’m the ginger one.

Thomas Martens

Born in 2006, you could call me a Gen Z kid with some old-fashioned work ethics. Living my dream but also very aware of the chances I get. I owe a lot of people a lot of gratitude. That’s why I refuse to let them and myself down.

My goal is to become the first Belgian WRC Rally champion ever. So I keep my focus at all times, grinding and learning the craft of a true rally pilot every day since I was four years old. They say I’ve got the talent. I show them I’m also prepared to put in the hard work.

So follow my quest on the different social channels of Road To Rally. You can’t miss me, I’m The Ginger One.